The Only Bolt-On Solution to ABS Brakes !

This unique product named the TCB stands for Traction Control Brakes.

Imagine a simple device that installs in minutes on any motorcycle with disc brakes by replacing a few banjo bolts and bleeding the brake system. Here is a link to a brief explanation of what it does and how it works by Neil Frame;

Over 90% of my customers tell me the same story of how they had to lay it down or came too close to it. If their bike is not equipped with ABS it is nearly impossible to outfit that bike with the safety features of ABS until now.

Not only the TCB works like ABS to help avoid wheel lock-up it has also shown much shorter stopping distances upto 20% better than stock while maintaining control. Plus the cost of TCB is only $79.00 per wheel so for under $200.00 any bike with disc brakes can be outfitted with the Only Bolt-On Solution to ABS.

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Ride Safer with TCB,

Mark Lipski
TCB Brake Systems
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