The Only Bolt-On Solution to ABS Brakes !

This unique product named the TCB stands for Traction Control Brakes.

Imagine a simple device that installs in minutes on any motorcycle with disc brakes by replacing a few banjo bolts and bleeding the brake system. Here is a link to a brief explanation of what it does and how it works by Neil Frame;

Over 90% of my customers tell me the same story of how they had to lay it down or came too close to it. If their bike is not equipped with ABS it is nearly impossible to outfit that bike with the safety features of ABS until now.

Not only the TCB works like ABS to help avoid wheel lock-up it has also shown much shorter stopping distances upto 20% better than stock while maintaining control. Plus the cost of TCB is only $79.00 per wheel so for under $200.00 any bike with disc brakes can be outfitted with the Only Bolt-On Solution to ABS.

I invite anybody to read the reviews done by prominent magazines posted on the front page of the website
or email me directly @

We are also looking for Dealers, Distributors and International Manufacturer Sales Representatives.

Ride Safer with TCB,

Mark Lipski
TCB Brake Systems
903 569 2998


4 Responses to The Only Bolt-On Solution to ABS Brakes !

  1. The first time I had to test my TCB was when I had to get my inspection on my Suzuki Volusia they had me do a stopping test. I slammed on my brakes as hard as I could and it stopped so straight and smooth that I was very surprised.

    Now I have a Fat Boy and the other day after it snowed I started it up to keep the battery up and went down my long driveway. I did a burn out and then slammed on both brakes. I have only installed a TCB on my front caliper and the back tire tried to slide and come around but the front tire tracked smooth a steady.

    Needless to say I will be adding one “to cover my rear!”

  2. Deckerron says:

    Nicely done and you beat me to the punch with your wordpress site!

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