Can a Motorcycle Really Stop on a Dime ?

TCB is the Only Bolt On Solution to ABS


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  1. tcbbrakes says:

    I have spent over 5 years trying to educate the public of the importance of this technique. In fact this is exactly what the TCB or Traction Control Braking system does for you.

    No matter how hard you hit the brakes the controlled compressibility factor takes over with TCB installed. In fact with the TCB installed some tests have shown a reduction in stopping distances;
    “…improved braking by at least 15%” Quick Throttle Magazine
    “…the bike stopped in 17 feet (vs.) 27 feet…” HD Open Road

    For years manufacturers and riders alike seem to think more brakes like dual calipers or more pistons inside them will stop the vehicle better. Just like braided lines and better brake pads the rider seems to think this will stop them faster.

    Although they will lock the wheel(s) faster it does nothing to modulate the brake fluid pressures creating the lock-up problem.
    With TCB installed as a pressure modulator threshold braking is done for you as long as the rider remembers the importance of using both brakes.

    The biggest misconception is that the TCB would seem to allow the brakes to feel mushy like air in the system. This is far from the truth because inside the TCB a small diaphragm seperates the air/gas chamber from the brake fluid. This diaphragm is made with a special material and more importantly a softness/ Stiffness or durometer rating. This creates the “controlled Compressibility” factor that prevents the mushy feel just like an accumulator should work.

  2. tcbbrakes says:

    Installing the TCB Brake System;

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